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Now about Ayisha, I mean she is one of the wives of prophet Mohammad (pbuh) there is no way she had an army against Ali. Prophet Mohammad(pbuh) died in her arms. Also prophet Mohammad(pbuh) said to her before he died that she is the first to follow him(die) in his family. She was one of the righteous women. Could you please please please provide an evidence about that.

thefajrun answered:

You’ve never heard of the battle of Jamal? It’s well documented and accepted by both sunni and shi’a.

Her, with Talha and Zubair (there were reasons behind this) but the fact is it happened. Imam Ali (as) was the ‘peoples’ appointed calipha at the time too.

You know I work with a sunni colleague and he also didn’t know this.. He told me the imams of mosque and stuff don’t touch history much and the ‘grey’ areas? I was like what.. How do you learn then? The Qur’an itself was revealed within history.. awks.. 

Oh btw.. Lady Fatima (sa) was the first to die after the Prophet (sawa) from his family.

If you can watch this -

Go and google etc and see what ahle sunnah say in regards to it. Go and analyse the event. But please, I beg you if you’re going to find the shi’a view you look on SHIA material.

Also, I don’t understand this whole ‘if they related to prophet they are sinless’ concept. Prophet’s (sawa) uncle was doomed to hell as mentioned in Qur’an.. Prophet Nuh (as) wife didn’t believe. I don’t get it. We’re all accountable.

(someone link him/her with articles if you can, i can’t atm)


Battle of Jamal -

Fatima (sa) being the first to die after RasulAllah (saww) - “The first time he disclosed to me that he would not recover from his illness and I wept. Then he told me that I would be the first of his family to join him, so I laughed.” [Sahih al-Bukhari, 2/638]